Contemporary Design with Traditional Roots

We combine the timeless charm of traditional peg and pole tents with modern materials, contemporary design and a BIT of artistic flair. Our designs are based on the time honoured Caidal tents adapted by the Arabian caliphates 1000 years ago from the Bedouin and Berber tribes of the Sahara Desert. More recently, from the middle ages to the 20th Century, this style has been employed by the European military in the form of the Bell Tent. They have served presidents, kings, travellers, soldiers, ambassadors, nomads, statesmen and merchants, providing a luxurious abode in every environment. We have been modifying them over the last 25 years to incorporate modern, durable materials and innovative design.

Best In Tents white canvas structures are designed to be water proof with 3 layers of fabric :

  • military grade cotton canvas exterior
  • black, flexible plastic inner membrane 
  • colourful upholstery grade fabric lining

Best In Tents contemporary Exubertent is designed to be water proof with 2 layers of fabric :

  • commercial grade acrylic canvas exterior
  • colourful upholstery grade fabric lining


No other tent design offers full 100% sun protection. It is a subtle effect but even the heat and rays of the sun in part shade can effect people at events. Combined with alcohol and formal attire the sun can debilitate guests quickly. Our tents are made to provide full shade, keeping everyone comfortable and they never get hot and steamy inside, so the festivities keep rolling on.

The flexibility of our tents means we do not need flat surfaces like frame marquees and we can pitch them literally anywhere, for example; beaches,  river banks, underground store rooms, barns, warehouses, over swimming pools and on top of high rise buildings!!

We love the challenge of transforming spaces into great places to celebrate, offering bespoke luxury and great atmosphere. If you desire the most original, beautiful and flexible tents for your party or venue, please contact us today to arrange a free site visit and no obligations quote. 

It’s what we do best!




The Exubertent

Our incredible new design allows us to pitch from 9m round to 9 x 20m. The salubrious lining can be used alone to line a barn or warehouse. The maroon acrylic canvas is more durable and water proof than the traditional cotton canvas. 

The Vintage Tent

We always carry a tent of this style, as it is our most popular design. Luxurious, unique, suitable for weddings etc.

Glamping Tents

3.5m diameter makes these elegant little tents quick and easy to install. They make stunning little boudoirs, perfect shade at the beach, eye-catching market stalls or magical kids parties. We currently have two in stock, deluxe ocean blue or forest green.


Deluxe Shade Sails

Want quick shade? Want something with style? These flat canvas panels can be used in all sorts of configurations – singule, double, free-standing or pitched off a building.

Salubrious Decoration

Salubrious Decorative Items

Wall Panels 1.5m x 4.5m
      Forest Green  – 2 in stock                            
      Dark Blue / Light Blue – 2 in stock                   
Wall Panels 1.8m x 7m
      Pearl / Gold / Gold Brocade – 4 in stock               

Green / Black Synsilk Sunshade / Lining 8 x 8m            
Gold Organza Brocade Fabric approx. 10m x 3m           
Deep Purple Balinese Temple Fabric w. gold motif       
Assorted Balinese Flags  4m/ 5m/ 6m